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A kidney disease diagnosis in itself is scary. The scattered information available online only adds to the anxiety of the diagnosis. Coupled with little education on what modalities of treatment are available for kidney patients, it is no surprise that patients either decline or fail to comply with treatment. In part this is due to the structure of the healthcare in Kenya where we are more treatment-based as opposed to prevention or even education.

This is where Advanced Kidney Care services come in. I am an Advanced Kidney Care Clinical Nurse Specialist in the United Kingdom. I am born and trained in Kenya and the United Kingdom. What we do in the AKC department (also called low clearance or predialysis) is help you navigate through the uncertainties of a kidney disease diagnosis. Understand available treatment options and give you the power to choose what modality of treatment best suits you.

I believe dialysis, or even kidney transplant should adapt to patients' lifestyle and not the other way around. Feel free to book an appointment with me. I especially encourage people living with hypertension (high blood pressure) and/ or diabetes to get in touch. If your doctor has just told you you need dialysis, don't go in blind. I am here to be that extra pair of eyes. It will be lovely to talk to you.

Here is to better kidney health!

Catherine Maina (Cate Mimi)


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