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Understanding Prostate Cancer: Online Course for Patients & Caregivers

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About Course

This comprehensive online course provides a thorough understanding of prostate cancer, covering everything from risk factors and symptoms to diagnosis, treatment options, and lifestyle management. Developed by leading experts in oncology, urology, and patient education, this course offers invaluable insights into navigating the complexities of prostate cancer, empowering patients and caregivers alike.

What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the fundamentals of prostate cancer
  • Recognize signs and symptoms, and know when to seek medical advice
  • Navigate the diagnostic process and staging procedures
  • Explore various treatment options and their potential side effects
  • Learn strategies for managing side effects and maintaining overall well-being during and after treatment

Course Content

1. Introduction to Prostate Cancer
o Understanding the prostate gland o Overview of prostate cancer o Risk factors and epidemiology

2. Signs and Symptoms
o Common signs and symptoms o When to seek medical attention o Diagnostic tests and screening guidelines

3. Diagnosis and Staging
o Biopsy procedures and interpretation o Staging techniques (TNM system) o Imaging modalities for staging

5. Managing Side Effects
o Sexual dysfunction o Urinary incontinence o Fatigue and other common side effects o Coping strategies and support resources

6. Nutrition and Lifestyle Considerations
o Diet and nutrition recommendations o Exercise and physical activity guidelines o Stress management techniques

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