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All About Contraception and Medical Abortion | Online Course

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About Course

This comprehensive online course delves into the intricacies of contraception methods and medical abortion. It covers essential topics such as the types and mechanisms of contraception, effectiveness rates, considerations for choosing the right method, understanding medical abortion procedures, their implications, and aftercare. Designed to empower individuals with accurate information, the course fosters informed decision-making regarding reproductive health choices.

What Will You Learn?

  • Understand various contraception methods and their mechanisms.
  • Gain insights into medical abortion procedures, safety, and implications.
  • Learn about aftercare and support available post-abortion.

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Contraception
• Topic 1: Overview of Reproductive Health o Subtopic 1: Importance of reproductive health education o Subtopic 2: Global perspectives on contraception • Topic 2: Types of Contraception o Subtopic 1: Barrier methods  Sub-subtopic 1: Condoms  Sub-subtopic 2: Diaphragms o Subtopic 2: Hormonal methods  Sub-subtopic 1: Birth control pills  Sub-subtopic 2: Contraceptive patches o Subtopic 3: Long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs)  Sub-subtopic 1: Intrauterine devices (IUDs)  Sub-subtopic 2: Contraceptive implants • Topic 3: Mechanisms of Action o Subtopic 1: How different contraceptives prevent pregnancy o Subtopic 2: Understanding fertility cycles and contraception timing

Module 2: Choosing the Right Contraception
• Topic 1: Factors to Consider o Subtopic 1: Health considerations  Sub-subtopic 1: Medical conditions affecting contraceptive choice  Sub-subtopic 2: Side effects and risks o Subtopic 2: Lifestyle factors  Sub-subtopic 1: Convenience and adherence  Sub-subtopic 2: Relationship dynamics • Topic 2: Access and Affordability o Subtopic 1: Availability of contraceptives o Subtopic 2: Insurance coverage and affordability

Module 3: Medical Abortion
• Topic 1: Overview of Medical Abortion o Subtopic 1: Definition and legal considerations o Subtopic 2: Differentiating medical abortion from surgical abortion • Topic 2: Procedures and Protocols o Subtopic 1: Medications used in medical abortion  Sub-subtopic 1: Mifepristone  Sub-subtopic 2: Misoprostol o Subtopic 2: Step-by-step guide to medical abortion procedures • Topic 3: Safety and Efficacy o Subtopic 1: Risks and complications o Subtopic 2: Effectiveness rates and success factors

Module 4: Aftercare and Support
• Topic 1: Post-Medical Abortion Care o Subtopic 1: Physical recovery  Sub-subtopic 1: Managing side effects  Sub-subtopic 2: Follow-up care o Subtopic 2: Emotional and psychological support  Sub-subtopic 1: Counseling services  Sub-subtopic 2: Support groups and resources • Topic 2: Legal and Ethical Considerations o Subtopic 1: Legal frameworks and regulations o Subtopic 2: Ethical considerations in reproductive healthcare

Module 5: Advocacy and Public Health Perspectives
• Topic 1: Advocacy for Reproductive Rights o Subtopic 1: Global initiatives and movements o Subtopic 2: Role of healthcare providers in advocacy • Topic 2: Public Health Implications o Subtopic 1: Impact of contraception access on public health o Subtopic 2: Addressing barriers to reproductive healthcare access

Knowledge Check
Knowledge Check: Examination Series in 5 (five) Parts (based on the entire course contents

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