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Objective: The primary objective of Doctors Explain Digital Health Co. LTD.’s Corrections Policy is to promptly and transparently address any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions that may occur in our published content. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and credibility, and we recognize the importance of correcting any information that may mislead or misinform our audience.

Procedure for Corrections

  1. Error Identification
    • Any identified errors, inaccuracies, or omissions in our published content will be promptly assessed upon discovery.
    • The responsibility for identifying errors lies with our editorial team, readers, or any concerned stakeholders who bring the issue to our attention.
  2. Internal Verification
    • Our editorial team will conduct a thorough internal review to verify the accuracy of the reported error.
    • The verification process will include consulting original sources, cross-referencing information, and confirming details with relevant subject matter experts.
  3. Transparent Communication
    • If an error is confirmed, we will communicate the correction transparently and promptly.
    • Corrections will be clearly indicated within the content, accompanied by an explanation of the correction and the date of the amendment.
  4. Publication of Corrections
    • Corrections may take the form of an editor’s note, a footnote, or a separate correction article, depending on the nature and significance of the error.
    • In the case of online content, corrections will be made directly in the article, and the updated version will be clearly timestamped.
  5. Notification to Readers
    • When a correction is made, we will make reasonable efforts to notify readers who may have accessed the inaccurate information.
    • Notification methods may include social media announcements, email alerts to subscribers, or other appropriate channels.
  6. Documentation
    • All corrections, including the nature of the error and the corrective action taken, will be documented internally.
    • A record of corrections will be maintained for transparency and accountability purposes.
  7. Learning and Improvement
    • We view corrections as opportunities for learning and improvement.
    • The editorial team will conduct post-mortem analyses to understand the root causes of errors and implement preventive measures to minimize the likelihood of similar issues in the future.

Reader Feedback: Readers are encouraged to report any suspected errors or inaccuracies they come across. Feedback can be submitted through our website, contact email, or other designated communication channels.

Date of Policy Establishment: [01/01/2024]

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