Our Goals

Patient Education

Helping patients become better informed about their condition, medical procedures, and choices they have regarding treatment. We strive to maintain and promote health & illness prevention (promoting healthy behavior through education allows patients to assume more responsibility for the health).

Inspiring Healthy Communities

Increasing awareness of health threats and to move target audiences to action in support of public health by sharing tips on healthy living choices. Healthy habits can reduce the risk of various diseases, including those that may run in your family. For example, in a recent study, adults who followed a standard American diet (rich in fruits and vegetables) for 8 weeks had a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

Digitizing Healthcare Systems

Using Health Information Technology to improve and transform healthcare by reducing human errors, improving clinical outcomes, facilitating care coordination, improving practice efficiencies, and tracking data over time.

Our Services

Healthcare Services

A virtual consultation enables doctors, nurses, physicians, etc. to provide consultation via video conferencing technology. Patients speak to Medical Care Providers using their smartphone, tablet, or PC. Real-time video conferencing has become familiar to us in everyday life. The services offered includes Mental health care, Dental care, Laboratory and diagnostic care, Substance abuse treatment, Preventative care, Physical and occupational therapy, Nutritional support, and Pharmaceutical care.

Public Health Education

Doctors Explain FM Platform presents information to target populations on particular health topics, including the health benefits/threats they face, and provides tools to build capacity and support behavior change in an appropriate setting. We offer free Medical and Healthcare Sciences Learning Materials in form of Lecture Notes, Video Tutorials, Podcasts, Documentaries, and Talk Shows.

e-Commerce Store

Due to increasing healthcare expenditures and technological advancements, the medical supplies market is predicted to grow to $432.6 billion by 2025. To compete in this rapidly growing market, manufacturers, medical supplies, and medical equipment sellers require medical eCommerce tools designed for the needs of the healthcare and medical device industries. Making the move online is the only sustainable way to keep customers happy, increase medical device sales, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency.

Radio Programs

We run a 24/7 Medical and Healthcare Radio Station which broadcasts podcasts, talk shows, documentaries, and news updates on health topics and issues affecting our community of listeners around the world. Major topics covered includes heart diseases, lung diseases, cancers, infertility, diabetes, obesity, nutrition and dietary among others.

ICT Solutions

Our ICT Department is sharing its expertise, experience, and latest technologies with the general public. We are open to designing e-Commerce Stores, Websites, and both iOS & Android Apps for Medical Professionals, Hospitals, Clinics, NGOs, etc.


Our e-Learning Platform enables Public, Private Institutions, Government Agencies, NGOs, etc. to offer courses such as Basic Life Skills, & First Aid to the public. We are actively seeking parties willing to take advantage of the platform. Currently, we are offering BLS (Infant, Child & Adult) Courses for Free.


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Glad to be associated with Doctors Explain FM given the selfless and indispensable services they continue offering to humanity.

Dr. Triza Rodriguez Dentist

The lessons I continue learning through your lectures and tutorials complement my spiritual food! I am greatly indebted to you guys and how I pray that the good Lord Above will reward you abundantly for the great work.

Athman Odimwengu Bishop

Informative, refreshing, insightful, and totally worth every single second of your time.

Testimonial #3 Dr. N. Lema