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Each year, over 50 million people die worldwide, many of them prematurely, but for only about one-third of them  do we know with some confidence what they died of. In some regions of the world, this fraction is much higher at  90% or more; in others, like sub-Saharan Africa, it is less than 10% Yet politicians, policymakers and public health professionals are expected to make rational decisions about the allocation of scarce health resources on the basis of these data or lack of them.

Tragically, most deaths that occur daily in our world today are entirely preventable. And the great news is you need not necessarily be a medical professional to prevent such unnecessary deaths.

Every single human life is precious, sacred, and worth saving. We all deserve to be mentally, spiritually, and emotionally stable. Doctors Explain FM seeks to play its part in enhancing public health awareness.

Our Services

Radio Programs

We run a 24/7 Medical and Healthcare Radio Station which broadcasts podcasts, talk shows, documentaries, and news updates on health topics and issues affecting our community of listeners around the world. Major topics covered includes heart diseases, lung diseases, cancers, infertility, diabetes, obesity, nutrition and dietary among others.

Medical Entrepreneurship

As the Medical and Healthcare Landscape takes a more unpredictable turn, Medical Professionals are fast realizing the need to diversify their practice. To help them adapt and succeed, we have included a tailored entrepreneurial course. Key among what Medical Entrepreneurs are expected to learn is Digital Marketing Skills.

Specialized Medical Care

We have teamed up with specialist Medical Professionals including Cardiologists, Dermatologists, Ophthalmologists, Oncologists, Gynecologists, Nutritionists, Nephrologists, etc. who are readily accessible for potential booking and subsequent Medical Care.

Patient Healthcare

We offer critical patient services ranging from virtual consultation to On Call Doctor. We also offer educative Medical and Healthcare Material in form of Video Tutorials, Articles, Images, and Audio.

Health Sciences Learning

We offer free Medical and Healthcare Sciences Learning Materials in form of Lecture Notes, Video Tutorials, Podcasts, Documentaries, and Talk Shows.

Medical Merchandise

In partnership with several retailers, we sell Medical Merchandise ranching from Lab coats to Customized Scrubs.


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Glad to be associated with Doctors Explain FM given the selfless and indispensable services they continue offering to humanity.

Dr. Triza Rodriguez Dentist

The lessons I continue learning through your lectures and tutorials complement my spiritual food! I am greatly indebted to you guys and how I pray that the good Lord Above will reward you abundantly for the great work.

Athman Odimwengu Bishop

Informative, refreshing, insightful, and totally worth every single second of your time.

Testimonial #3 Dr. N. Lema