A Must-Know Basics for First AID Providers

First AID is the Assessment and Intervention that can be performed by a bystander (or by the victim) with minimal or no medical equipment.

  • A First AID provider is someone with formal training in first aid, emergency care, or medicine which provides first aid.
  • First aid assessments and interventions should be medically sound and based on scientific evidence or, in the absence of such evidence, on expert consensus.
  • Administration of first aid must not delay activation of the emergency medical services (EMS) system or other medical assistance when required.
  • Education in first aid should be universal: everyone can learn first aid, and everyone should.

There are essential steps to follow when administering first aid. They include the following;

  • Calling for Help

A first aid provider must be able to recognize when help is needed and how to get it.

First aid providers should learn how and when to access the EMS system and how to activate it.

In Kenya, call the ambulance, police, good Samaritan.

  • Positioning the Victim

As a general rule, a victim should not be moved, especially if you suspect that the victim may have a spinal injury from the victim’s position or the nature of the damage.

There are times, however, when the victim should be moved:

  • If the area is unsafe for the rescuer or the victim, move the victim to a safe location if it is secure.
  • If the victim is face down and is unresponsive, turn the victim face up.
  • If the victim has difficulty breathing because of copious secretions or vomiting, lie on the side to facilitate drainage.
  • Place the victim in the recovery position.
  •  Extend one of the victim’s arms above the head and roll the body to the side, so the victim’s head rests on the extended arm. Bend both legs to stabilize.


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