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How Doctors Explain is Leading Digital Health Transformation in Africa

How Doctors Explain is Leading Digital Health Transformation in Africa

  • March 4, 2023

Patient care is fundamentally changing – at an increasingly rapid pace. The impact of data and digital technologies is growing, bringing opportunities that are improving healthcare today. But we can do much more. More for patients. More for healthcare providers. More for health authorities.

Digital health including digital diagnostic solutions can empower people to better manage their health. They allow healthcare providers to confidently diagnose and treat disease. And they help healthcare institutions to unlock greater efficiency.

We build OUR digital solutions by harnessing digital health insights and stepping up collaboration. Through this, we can help close inequality gaps and improve the health of each individual through timely individualized decisions. Our Innovative Digital Health Solutions Include:

360° Hospital Management Software

A Next Level Evolution in Healthcare IT, Web Based EMR, Revenue Cycle Management Solution, designed to Meet Clinical Operations.

Multi-Hospital Management Software

MIS is a data collection system specifically designed to support planning, management, and decision-making in health facilities and organizations.

SaaS Doctors Appointment & Prescription Software

Simplifies prescriptions and appointments, helping you to manage patients & chambers in a smart way. 


BloodLab Blood Bank Management System is a browser-based solution that is designed to store, process, retrieve and analyze information concerned with the administrative, inventory management, and clinical aspects of providing services within a blood bank.

Professional Project Management tool and CRM

TimWork SaaS is a perfect, robust, lightweight, superfast web application to fulfill all your Team Collaboration, Project Management, and CRM needs.

Virtual Medical Academy

The best medical learning platform. Get the most out of your cash with discounted self-paced content and expert tips.

Al Writing Assistants

AI Writer is an automated Content Writing Assistant that helps you to create Unlimited, Unique, Excellent-Quality Medical and Healthcare Related Content in Seconds.

We are of the strong opinion our Digital Health Solutions will lead to expanded access to health care for historically marginalized communities, decreased health care costs for both patients and providers, improved patient health outcomes through personalized treatment plans, and above all, increased operation efficiency at health facilities, such as hospitals.

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